Last Update: 10/08/2022
Estimated Value: ¢ 50,000
Risk Flags: Newly established company - 349 დღეზე ნაკლები პერიოდი Low Competition Experience requirement Advance payment Supplier without competition Supplier dependent on a single buyer Low price dynamic
Tender Status: ხელშეკრულება დადებულია
Tender procedure: NAT - ელექტრონული ტენდერი აუქციონის გარეშე
Tender Announcement Date: 31.05.2018
Bid Start Date 06.06.2018
Bid End Date: 08.06.2018
Tender Duration: 8 days
Procuring Main Subject (CPV Code): Special clothing and accessories (18400000)
Specific subject of procurement (CPV Code):

18410000 - Special clothing

18420000 - Clothing accessories


Name First Bid Last Bid
LTD Kazmuli ¢ 50,000.00 ¢ 50,000.00

Bidding Result

Organization: LTD Kazmuli
Contract Type: Agreement
Start Date: 15.06.2018
Expire Date: 31.01.2019
Contract Value: ¢ 50,000.00
Documantation: Download